our mission


millstone cider is
rustic cider

millstone cellars is about the handmade, the rustic, the refined, the traditional and the tasty. 

MillStone maintains a dedication to creating honest and innovative ciders, cysers and meads intended to complement the everyday repast.  Our ciders and meads are carefully handcrafted in a centuries-old tradition by dedicated cider makers using only the highest quality, locally available ingredients, ensuring the ultimate cider experience.

Domesticating wild yeasts leads to surprises and delightful discoveries. Our ciders are made the american farmhouse way. The way that kept our forebears healthy -and happy! We make lots of mistakes, we experiment and we follow our imaginations, led by our cider master who comes at every individual cider with a winemaker's aesthetic. These ciders do not pander to commercial tastes, no additives or unkindness to the products - or the drinkers.

Some of our special projects take us to abandoned fields and neglected orchards. Those neglected orchards are a wonderland of varieties of apples that were cultivated especially for cider making.

Let our discoveries in rustic cider lead your to new fields of health and taste. The MillStone way is the rustic cider way. No additives, no filtering, no kidding!

rustic cider ethos

Rustic Cider is a style that hearkens back to a simpler time and age old processes. We create ciders using the traditional and pure craft of cider makers and farmers from the past several centuries. At MillStone, our goal is not only to emulate this craft, but perfect it.  

what makes a cider rustic

We believe rustic cider begins with a strong connection to the orchards, and the farmers who grow the best cider apple varietals for our climate. Beginning with picking the apples at optimal ripeness, and utilizing traditional harvesting methods, as well as cold storage to get the highest quality of flavor at pressing. We then press the juice without filtration or chemical additives, working the cider through fermentation in its raw form.

oak barrel fermentation

Oak barrels are at the heart of traditional cider craft at MillStone is based around this concept. Fermentation begins in oak barrels, utilizing a blend of native and/or cultured yeast, and is then aged in the same barrels sur lie, or on top of the lees, for its entire aging time. The humble barrel allows for high lees contact, micro oxygenation, but most importantly gives the native yeast and bacterial cultures a home to live in.  This allows for us to slowly build a "house" characteristic, and flavor, based on what microbes live in our locality.  

Crafting a sense of place and terroir from growing conditions, seasonality, and native microflora is at the core of Rustic Cider. Rustic Cider is less about control, as brewers and winemakers tend to want, and more about guidance through the process.  A true expression of what makes ones area unique, and bottled in the form of cider.

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