Newton's Apple - In the Beginning

by Curt Sherrer, Founder & Cider Master

The forthcoming blogs, falling like ripe fruit from ancient apple trees, will bear a resemblance to Sir Isaac Newtons brain bomb as he rested under his apple tree; that bomb being the Law of Gravity. It is in just such moments of quiet contemplation, as when examining the resplendent qualities of a rustic cider that neuron nigglers can descend upon us and lead us on some very curious paths.

Over the past 5 years or so, Millstone Cellars has journeyed into the ancient landscape of rustic cider. Much of what we've learned, just like the discovery of gravity, is that which previously existed. One (re)discovery is that to craft the very best cider one must start with fully ripened fruit. While not quite as momentous as discovering gravity, these discoveries are momentous moments that we believe you will find interesting also.

Like gravity, ciders’ culinary and cultural significance is ever present. And just as science has extended Nature's vision of gravity, our mission is to grow our understanding of quality rustic ciders. To apply a bit of scientific method so we better understand its Nature and then extend our expertise in crafting interesting and healthy ciders.

So please join us under an old apple tree as we discover the old and the new!

Cider On!